26 November: today's birthdays

  • Ferdinand de Saussure - Swiss linguist and semiotician. He is considered the father of modern linguistics
  • Marija Fёdorovna (Maria Feodorovna) - Danish princess wife of Emperor Alexander III of Russia
  • Eugène Ionesco - Romanian-born French writer and dramatist. He is the author of the play The Bald Soprano
  • Rita Ora - English singer and actress of Kosovan descent, born Rita Sahatçiu
  • Marshall Walter Taylor - American racing cyclist, the first African-American to become world champion
  • Julien Temple - English film director and documentary filmmaker. He directed Absolute Beginners, with David Bowie
  • Tina Turner - American singer, songwriter and actress, born Anna Mae Bullock
  • Norbert Wiener - American mathematician and philosopher. He is considered the originator of cybernetics
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