Today's Birthdays, 26 Novembre

    Australian-American biologist, born Elizabeth Helen Blackburn. She was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, along with Carol W. Greider and ​Jack W. Szostak.

    Swiss linguist and semiotician. He is considered the father of modern Linguistics

    American actor born Adam Douglas Driver 

    Danish princess wife of Emperor Alexander III of Russia

    Romanian-born French writer and dramatist. He is the author of the play The Bald Soprano

    English singer and actress of Kosovan descent, born Rita Sahatçiu

    Dutch professional footballer 

    American racing cyclist, the first African-American to become world champion

    English film director and documentary filmmaker. He directed Absolute Beginners, with David Bowie

    American singer, songwriter and actress, born Anna Mae Bullock

    American mathematician and philosopher. He is considered the originator of cybernetics

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