Today's Birthdays, 25 Novembre

    Nickname of Xabier Alonso Olano, Spanish (Basque) footballer

    American actress and dancer. She played the role of Kelly Bundy in the sitcom Married... with Children 

    American TV and film actress and singer

    American baseball player of Italian descent, born Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio. He was married to Marilyn Monroe

    French economist. She was awarded the 2019 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences along with her husband Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer

    Former Dutch football goalkeeper

    English journalist and reformer. Co-founder of the satirical magazine Punch, with Mark Lemon

    Scottish writer and poet. He wrote Laidlaw, The Papers of Tony Veitch, and Walking Wounded 

    Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte, the dictator of Chile between 1973 and 1990

    Dutch soccer player

    French actor and model. He starred Hannibal Lecter in the film Hannibal Rising.

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