Today's Birthdays, 31 Maggio

    American actor and film director

    American actor

    English drummer and singer-songwriter

    French actress

    American actor and film director. He won two Oscars for Best Director and two Oscars for Best Picture

    Irish actor, born Colin James Farrell. He starred in the films Alexander, Cassandra's Dream and In Bruges

    German film director. He directed the television miniseries Berlin Alexanderplatz 

    Ivorian politician

    Belgian soccer player

    American painter e sculptor. He was an exponent of the Hard-edge painting style, of the Color Field painting style and the minimalist school

    Hungarian Politician, currently Prime Minister of Hungary

    Pseudonyms of Alexis Léger, French poet and diplomat, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1960

    German footballer 

    American actress. She wrote the book Down Came the Rain about her postpartum depression

    Italian film director, screenwriter, and writer. He won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2014 with The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza). He wrote and directed the TV series The Young Pope 

    Polish professional tennis player.

    Irish-born former Premier of South Australia

    American poet and writer. He wrote the poetry collection Leaves of Grass 

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