Today's Birthdays, 29 May

    Spanish pianist and composer

    Russian soccer player

    American actress. She starred in American Beauty and Being Julia. She is married to Warren Beatty

    Brazilian soccer player , best known as Hernanes

    English actor

    American legal scholar and philosopher, born Gary Lawrence Francione. He is best known for his activism in favour of animal rights

    French director of the Institut Lumière and of the Cannes Film Festival

    English musician

    Nickname of Brazilian soccer player Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Andrade Lima

    English physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 shared with Belgian physicist François Englert

    American criminal who attempted to murder U.S. President Ronald Reagan

    35th President of the United States

    American model and actress, born Danielle Riley Keough

    American actor

    Nepalese mountain climber

    German philosopher, historian and writer

    Austrian film director and screenwriter

    Chinese actor

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