23 May: today's birthdays

  • Linden Ashby - American actor
  • John Bardeen - American physicist, Nobel in Physics in 1956 and 1972
  • Drew Carey - American comedian and actor
  • Joan Collins - English actress, the sister of English novelist Jackie Collins
  • Bernard Comrie - English-born American linguist
  • Alicia de Larrocha - Catalan pianist
  • Douglas Fairbanks - American actor, film director and author. The first actor in the role of Zorro in 1920
  • Joseph Gomez - English professional footballer, born Joseph Dave Gomez and best known as Joe Gomez
  • Alain Gourdon - French painter and sculptor
  • Marvin Hagler - Former American boxer known as Marvelous
  • Jewel - American singer, songwriter and poet, born Jewel Kilcher 
  • Franz Kline - American painter, one of the major exponents of Abstract expressionism, a post World War II art movement 
  • Pär Lagerkvist - Swedish author and poet, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1951
  • Ramiro Ledesma Ramos - Spanish writer, philosopher, journalist and politician
  • József Rippl-Rónai - Hungarian painter. He was the first to introduce modern artistic movements in the Hungarian art
  • Tom Tykwer - German film director and screenwriter. He directed Run Lola Run, Heaven, and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
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