Today's Birthdays, 21 Maggio

     Canadian-born American actor, best known for his roles as Perry Mason and Ironside

    American actor and film director. He is the son of American actor and film director John Cassavetes

    English racing cyclist, born in the Isle of Man. His nicknames are Cannonball and Manx Missile 

    English linguist

    French mathematician and physicist

    German painter and mathematician

    French statesman, better known as the Minister of Police under First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Stage name of Wouter "Wally" De Backer, Belgian-Australian musician and singer-songwriter

    Australian actor

    Croatian professional footballer.

    English poet, one of the most important of 18th century. He is famous for his translation of Homer

    Pseudonym of the  American writer Harold Rubin, one of the most best-selling authors in the world

    Soviet physicist

    American actor, screenwriter, and film director

    Belgian poet who wrote in French


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