17 May: today's birthdays

  • Jim Cummins - American hockey player
  • Josh Homme - American singer and musician, born Joshua Michael Homme. He is the founder and leader of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age
  • Dennis Hopper - American actor and film director, born Dennis Lee Hopper. He directed and starred Easy Rider with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson
  • Edward Jenner - English physician and naturalist, born Edward Anthony Jenner. He created the smallpox vaccine, the world's first vaccine
  • Jordan Knight - American singer-songwriter
  • Sugar Ray Leonard - American boxer
  • Bill Paxton - American actor, film director and producer
  • Tony Roche - Former Australian tennis player
  • Bob Saget - American comedian, actor and TV host.
  • Erik Satie - French composer and pianist, born Alfred Éric Leslie Satie. He composed The Gymnopédies
  • Jacint Verdaguer - One of the most prominent Catalan poets, born Jacint Verdaguer i Santaló. He wrote the poem L'Atlàntida
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