14 May: today's birthdays

  • Pierre Victor Auger - French physicist
  • Sidney Bechet - American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer
  • Cate Blanchett - Australian actress. She won an Oscar for Best Actress and one for Best Supporting Actress
  • Marta Cartabia - Italian judge. She is the first woman to be elected President of the Constitutional Court
  • Eoin Colfer - Irish author. He wrote the fantasy series for children Artemis Fowl
  • Thomas Gainsborough - English painter
  • Zdeněk Grygera - Czech soccer player
  • George Lucas - American film director, screenwriter and producer. He won an Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 1992 (Oscar). He directed the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sagas 
  • Olly Murs - English singer-songwriter
  • Peter Ratcliffe - British Scientist and Doctor specialized in the behaviour of cells in the absense of oxygen (Hypoxia). He is a 2019 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine alongside William Kaelin Jr. and Gregg Semenza.
  • Tim Roth - English actor and film director
  • Robert Zemeckis - American film director, screenwriter and producer
  • Mark Zuckerberg - Mark Zuckerberg is an American internet entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Facebook. He is one of the youngest self-made billionaires and one of the wealthiest people on the planet.
    Zuckerberg founded Facebook when he was a student of psychology and computer science at Harvard, where he dropped out to pursue the project of Facebook. He eventually was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard.
    The pronunciation of Zuckerberg is often object of debate. His name is often mispronounced as Zoo-kur-berg. The beginning of his name is actually pronounced with a "u" and not a long "o", or "oo" sound. 
    Consequently, the correct pronunciation of Zuckerberg is Zuh-kur-berg. It is pronounced with a short "u" or "uh" sound.
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