Today's Birthdays, 10 Maggio

    American rapper

    Pseudonym adopted by American dancer, choreographer, and actor Frederick Austerlitz. He won an Honorary Oscar in 1950

    Real name of American dancer, choreographer, and actor Fred Astaire. He won an Honorary Oscar in 1950

    American stage actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln

    American film director

    French engineer and physicist, great innovator in the field of optics.

    Real name of Bono Vox, Irish singer of the band U2

    German philosopher

    English professional footballer, born Adam David Lallana 

    French sociologist and anthropologist

    French soccer player

    Italian fashion designer, born Maria Bianchi. She is the granddaughter of Mario Prada, the creator of Prada READ MORE Fashion quotes by the most famous fashion designers worldwide and the pronunciation of their names

    Real name of English musician Sid Vicious, a member of punk rock band Sex Pistols

    American politician

    Italian film director and screenwriter. He directed We All Loved Each Other So Much, Down and Dirty, A Special Day, and The Family

    Pseudonym of English singer and bassist John Simon Ritchie, a member of punk rock band Sex Pistols

    Stage name of Irish singer and activist Paul David Hewson, frontman of rock band U2

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