Today's Birthdays, 9 March

    American composer

    French actress. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1997

    Dutch professional footballer 

    French fashion designer

    American chess champion

    Russian astronaut

    Lithuanian-born French linguist and semiologist

    Polish sociologist

    Guatemalan-born American actor and singer

    French Protestant missionary and ethnologist, born Jean Henri Maurice Leenhardt. He lived for a long time in New Caledonia and studied its language and culture. The correct pronunciation of Maurice Leenhardt is moh-REES leh-NAHR, the stress is on the capital letters.

    Italia football manager and former professional football player 

    Italian actress

    Hungarian politician

    Italian poet and writer, born Umberto Poli

    English writer and poet. She had a passionate affair with British author Virginia Woolf

    Italian professional footballer

    Italian explorer and navigator

    French athlete

Hard to pronounce

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