Today's Birthdays, 26 Giugno

    Italian conductor 

    Chilean politician

    American film director and screenwriter

    Stage name of Lee Conley Bradley, American singer, songwriter and guitarist

    Argentine soccer player

    Italian film director and screenwriter. He directed Respiro and Nuovomondo

    French soccer player

    French basketball player who plays for the Utah Jazz in the NBA.

    Ariana Grande-Butera, American singer-songwriter and actress, of Italian descent

    French politician. He is a member of the Socialist Party 

    Argentine soccer player

    Haitian businessman and President of Haiti.

    American actor. He was Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin

    Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, American writer, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938

    American actor and musician

    American writer, best known as Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938

    Former German soccer player

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