12 June: today's birthdays

  • Chick Corea - American pianist, keyboardist, and composer, born Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea.
  • Tess Gerritsen - American writer of Chinese descent
  • Charles Kingsley - English author
  • Adriana Lima - Brazilian model
  • Théo Maledon - Théo Maledon is a French professional basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.
    Maledon was drafted as the 34th overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. Prior to being drafted in the NBA, Maledon began playing professionally for the French team, ASVEL Basket.
    The correct pronunciation of ​Théo Maledon is Teh-oh Mah-leh-dohn.
    His first name, Théo, is not pronounced with an English "th" sound but just with a "t". The "é" is pronounced like the "e" in hey. 
    In his last name, Maledon, all the vowels are pronounced as short open vowels.
  • Ângelo Mariano de Almeida - Brazilian soccer player
  • Jason Mewes - American actor
  • Diego Alberto Milito - Argentine soccer player
  • John Roebling - German-born American engineer
  • Davinson Sánchez - Colombian professional footballer, born Davinson Sánchez Mina
  • Egon Schiele - Austrian painter and printmaker, born Egon Leon Adolf Schiele. He was Gustav Klimt's disciple
  • Weegee - Weegee is the pseudonym for photographer and photo reporter Arthur Fellig. Weegee was originally born as Ascher Fellig but changed his name to Arthur when his family emigrated to New York.
    Weegee is famous for his black and white street photography, showing deeply realistic scenes of urban life. Later, he worked in cinema collaborating with Jack Donahue and Stanley Kubrick.
    The origin of Fellig's pseudonym, Weegee, is unknown.
    There are various accounts that suggest that he was initially nicknamed "squeegee boy", in reference to the tool used to wipe prints in one of his first jobs. Later, he was named "Mr. Squeegee" in recognition of his ability of developing prints on the run. Subsequently, his nickname may have become Weegee as a phonetic spelling of "Ouija", because of his quasi-prescient ability to be at the right place at the right time to take pictures.
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