22 July: today's birthdays

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel - German astronomer, mathematician, physicist and geodesist
  • Alexander Calder - American artist. He was the first to create moving artworks. He invented the Mobile 
  • George Casey - American army officer
  • Willem Dafoe - American actor, born William Dafoe. He starred in Mississippi Burning and Shadow of the Vampire
  • Grover Dale - American dancer, choreographer and actor
  • Danny Glover - American actor, director and political activist
  • Edward Hopper - American painter. His paintings depict the loneliness of modern times 
  • Janusz Korczak - Pseudonym of Polish-Jewish educator, pediatrician, and children's author Henryk Goldszmit. In 1929 he wrote The Child's Right to Respect 
  • Dirk Kuijt (Kuyt) - Dutch soccer player
  • Aodhán Ó Ríordáin - Irish politician, currently he is a Labour Party Senator
  • Ettore Pozzoli - Italian pianist and composer
  • Tom Robbins - American writer. He wrote the novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Wild Ducks Flying Backward
  • Paul Schrader - Paul Schrader is an American screenwriter, film director and film critic. He is most famous for having co-wrote four films by Martin Scorsese, among which the critically acclaimed Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. While the films he has participated in have received Academy Award nominations and he has been the recepient of numerous other awards, it wasn't until 2019 that he received an Academy Award nomination. In 2019 he received the nomination for Best Original Screenplay for First Reformed, starring Ethan Hawke, which Schrader also directed.
    The surname Schrader has a German origin, given that Paul Schrader's father was of German descent, but the pronunciation of his name, in time, has taken on an English pronunciation. The correct pronunciation of Paul Schrader in English is therefore Paul Shray-der.
  • Arthur Seyß-Inquart - Austrian politician
  • Ece Temelkuran - Turkish journalist and author. She was a columnist for Milliyet and Habertürk, two daily newspapers. She was fired from the second one after writing articles criticizing the government.
    She wrote the books How to Lose a Country: The 7 Steps from Democracy to DictatorshipBook of the Edge, and Women Who Blow on Knots 
  • Lasse Virén - Former Finnish athlete
  • Rufus Wainwright - American-born Canadian singer-songwriter
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