Today's Birthdays, 9 July

    German born-American anthropologist

    English writer, born Mary Barbara Hamilton. She is one of the most prolific and best-selling authors

    Italian painter

    American actor and producer, born Thomas Jeffrey Hanks. He won two Oscars for Best Actor in 1994 for his role in the film Philadelphia and in 1995 in the film Forrest Gump.

    English painter and photographer

    American inventor. He invented the first model of zipper

    Ukrainian politician.

    American singer and actress, born Courtney Michelle Harrison. She had a daughter with Kurt Cobain

    Czech writer, poet and journalist

    Belgian writer. She wrote Hygiene and the Assassin and Sulphuric Acid

    Former Italian tennis player, considered one of the best Italian tennis players of all time.

    English author

    American politician

    Argentine singer

    Italian writer, philosopher and historian of religion, raised in France. His mother was British, while his father, born in England, was from an Italian family

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