Today's Birthdays, 7 Luglio

    Argentine-born French actress

    French physicist

    Italian-born French fashion designer, born Pietro Cardin. READ MORE Fashion quotes by the most famous fashion designers worldwide and the pronunciation of their names

    Belarusian-born French painter, born  Moishe Segal

    American film director, born George Dewey Cukor. He won an Oscar for Best Director in 1965. He directed My Fair Lady, A Star Is Born and David Copperfield

    Salvatore "Toto" Cutugno, Italian singer-songwriter and musician

    Italian actor and film director. He won 4 Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. He directed Sciuscià and Bicycle Thieves

    American actress

    American screenwriter and producer

    Italian physician and scientist, born Bartolomeo Camillo Emilio Golgi. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906, along with his Spanish colleague Santiago Ramón y Cajal

    Austrian composer and conductor

    American author

    English musician and singer-songwriter, best known as Ringo Starr

    American geneticist and microbiologist

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