Today's Birthdays, 28 Gennaio

    Italian professional goalkeeper, best known as Gigi Buffon

    Former German soccer player

    Catalan poet and writer best known as J.V. Foix

    Albanian writer, poet, and screenwriter. He wrote The General of the Dead Army.

    German-born American film director. He received an Honorary Oscar in 1946

    Cuban writer, poet, translator, painter and revolutionary philosopher. He is considered a national hero

    Canadian musician and singer-songwriter

    American painter, one of the leading exponents of action painting, also called abstract expressionism

    French lawyer and politician, born Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa. He served as the 23rd President of France 

    American actor. He was Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings film series

    Chinese actress married to Chinese film director Jia Zhangke

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