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    Argentine film director, screenwriter and actor

    Austrian-born American sociologist, born Peter Michael Blau.

    English novelist. He wrote The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol

    American actor of Puerto Rican descent, born Miguel José Ferrer. He was the cousin of George Clooney

    Swiss painter and scholar

    American politician and businessman, member of the Democratic Party

    American author. She wrote the children's novel Little House on the Prairie 

    English dramatist and theatre manager

    American actor. He was married to American actress Demi Moore

    American novelist and playwright, born Harry Sinclair Lewis. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930. He wrote Arrowsmith and It Can't Happen Here

    English author. He wrote Spider, Martha Peake, and Asylum

    Former German swimmer

    Chinese emperor

    Italian singer songwriter, one of the best selling artist in Italy

    Mexican writer

    American actor

    Belgian soccer player

    Italian road and track racing cyclist

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