04 February: today's birthdays

  • Arjun Appadurai - Indian-born American anthropologist. He is the major theorist in globalization studies
  • Charles Bally - Swiss linguist, fellow and collegue of Swiss linguist and semiotician Ferdinand de Saussure
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer - German theologian and anti-Nazi dissident
  • Mario Brkljača - Croatian soccer player
  • Jules Combarieu - French musicologist
  • Alice Cooper - American singer-songwriter and musician, born Vincent Damon Furnier 
  • Siobhan Dowd - Irish writer and activist. She wrote the novels A Swift Pure Cry, The London Eye Mystery, and Bog Child
  • Friedrich Ebert - German politician
  • Eric Garcetti - American politician of Italian descent, born Eric Michael Garcetti. He is currently the Mayor of Los Angeles and a member of the Democratic Party
  • Friedrich Hermann Hund - German physicist best known for his studies of atoms and molecules
  • Antoine Lacroix - French geologist, mineralogist and volcanologist
  • Pablo Martín Ledesma - Argentine soccer player
  • Fernand Léger - French painter and sculptor
  • Pierre de Marivaux - French novelist and dramatist, born Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux. He wrote The Triumph of Love and The Game of Love and Chance
  • Luigi Pareyson - Italian philosopher
  • Isabel Perón - Argentine politician
  • Jacques Prévert - French poet and author. He wrote the poems Les Enfants du Paradis and Les Feuilles mortes
  • George Andrew Romero - American film director and screenwriter
  • ​Mahvash Sabet - Mahvash Sabet is an acclaimed Iranian poet and author who was unjustly arrested in Iran for her religious beliefs. She is part of the Baháʼí 7, a group of Baháʼí community leaders, the second largest religion in Iran. In 2008, the 7 leaders, including Mahvash Sabet, were sentenced to prison for 10 years. Mahvash Sabet was finally released in 2017.
    The correct pronunciation of Mahvash Sabet is Mah(k)-vahsh SAH-bet.
    The "h" in Mahvash is pronounced like a guttural "h", that sounds a bit like there is a "k" at the end. The "a" in the second syllable, -vash, is pronounced with an open "ah" sound.
    In her last name, Sabet, the stress is on the first syllable and it is once again pronounced with an open "ah" sound.
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