Today's Birthdays, 27 Dicembre

    Swiss mathematician and scientist

    American actor of French descent

    English soccer coach and former player

    French actor and producer, now a Russian citizen, born Gérard  Xavier Marcel Depardieu

    German-born American actress. She starred in The Blue Angel

    German astronomer and mathematician. He is known for his laws of planetary motion

    Scottish guitarist and singer, brother of Mark Knopfler and co-founder of the rock band Dire Straits

    French politician

    Pseudonym of French writer Alain-Marc-Édouard Zannini

    American poet. He wrote The Distances and The Maximus Poems

    French chemist and biologist, he is considered the father of modern microbiology

    French actor. He worked with Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Lelouch, Louis Malle, Alfred Hitchcock

    Catalan singer-songwriter

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