Today's Birthdays, 2 Dicembre

    French fashion photographer, born Guy Louis Banarès. He was the protégé of American photographer Man Ray 

    German painter and printmaker. He depicted the brutality of Weimar Republic and the cruelty of war

    Austrian psychoanalyst. He was a supporter of Sigmund Freud and he was only 23, when he became a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society

    French poet and novelist. La Prière, song by Georges Brassens, was taken by one of his poems 

    Irish general

    American politician

    French painter, born Georges-Pierre Seurat. Along with Paul Signac, he is considered the creator of a painting technique called Pointillisme.

    Former German racing cyclist

    Italian fashion designer, founder of international fashion house Versace, now managed by his sister Donatella Versace READ MORE Fashion quotes by the most famous fashion designers worldwide and the pronunciation of their names by Patrizia Serra · VAT N. 06327520968 · Registration N. 900301 · Attività dei Giornalisti Indipendenti