29 August: today's birthdays

  • Iris Apfel - American businesswoman and interior designer, mostly famous as a fashion icon. She was born Iris Barrel
  • Richard Attenborough - English film director, born Richard Samuel Attenborough. He won an Oscar for Best Director, in 1983, for directing the film Gandhi, and he won, for the same film, an Oscar for Best Picture as a producer
  • Bob Beamon - Former American athlete
  • Ingrid Bergman - Swedish actress, married to Italian film director Roberto Rossellini. She won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Gaslight, film directed by George Cukor, in 1945. She won another Oscar for Best Actress in 1957 for her role in the film Anastasia. She then was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1975 for her role in the film Murder on the Orient Express, directed by Sidney Lumet
  • Richard Cadbury - Richard Barrow Cadbury, English owner of chocolate company Cadbury, founded by his father John Cadbury
  • Todd English - American chef
  • Neil Gorsuch - Neil McGill Gorsuch, American judge. He has been nominated by Donald Trump to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Elliott Gould - American actor
  • Joyce Hall - American businessman. He was the founder of Hallmark Cards
  • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres - French painter. He is considered one of the most influential French Neoclassical artists.
  • Valery Larbaud - French writer and poet. He also adopted the pen names A.-O. Barnabooth, L. Hagiosy, X. M. Tourmier de Zamble
  • John Locke - English philosopher and physician. He wrote An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  • Tony MacAlpine - Tony MacAlpine is an American virtuoso guitarist, pianist and composer who is particularly influential in the genre of neoclassical metal.
    The correct pronunciation of Tony MacAlpine is Tow-nee MC-ahl-pine, with the stress on the first syllable.
  • Maurice Maeterlinck - Belgian poet, playwright and writer, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911
  • John McCain - American politician
  • Lea Michele - American actress and singer-songwriter
  • Hermann Nitsch - Austrian artist
  • Charlie Parker - American jazz composer and musician, born Charles Parker, Jr. 
  • Ivan Radovanović - Serbian soccer player
  • Sohn Kee-chung - Former Korean athlete
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