28 August: today's birthdays

  • Bruno Bettelheim - Austrian-born American psychologist
  • ​Valtteri Bottas - Finnish racing driver, born Valtteri Viktor Bottas
  • Charles Boyer - French actor
  • David Fincher - American film director
  • Michel Franco - Mexican film director and screenwriter. He directed Un Certain Regard and wrote Chronic
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, poet, playwright, painter, statesman and also wrote numerous scientific treatises. Among his most noted works are The Sorrows of Young Werther, which is often considered the world's first bestseller and the epic, Faust.
    The correct pronunciation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in German can be phonetically approximated as Yo-han Volf-gang Fohn Guh-teh.
    The reason this is only an approximation is because the "oe" sound in English does not have a correspondent in this case, without the use of IPA. Here we have approximated it with the placeholder -guh, but it is imprecise. A better example of the sound to reproduce when saying Goethe would be the "ea" sound at the beginning of the word "early". If you take the "ea" sound and add -teh you can reach a good pronunciation of Goethe. It is important not to add the "r" as well, even if many transcriptions are written as ger-te. The reason it is transcribed this way is that it helps English speakers pronounce the "oe" sound in Goethe the right way. Another mistake to avoid is pronounce the end with a "tay" sound. Instead, the -the in Goethe has a similar sound to the "te" in the word "tell".
  • Kjetil Jansrud - Norwegian alpine ski racer 
  • Kaya Jones - Stage name of Canadian dancer and model Chrystal Neria
  • Sergej Josifovič Karcevskij (Sergei Josifovič Karcevskiy) - Russian linguist
  • Bojan Krkić - Spanish soccer player of Serbian descent
  • Cécile Kyenge - Italian Congo-born politician and ophthalmologist, born Kashetu Kyenge. 
  • Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Irish writerof mystery novels. He wrote Uncle Silas and In a Glass Darkly 
  • Julen Lopetegui - Spanish former footballer and manager, born Julen Lopetegui Argote 
  • Vangelis Moras - Greek soccer player
  • Thiago Motta - Brazilian soccer player
  • Shania Twain - Canadian singer and songwriter, nicknamed by her fans Queen of Country Pop
  • Quvenzhané Wallis - Quvenzhané Wallis is an American actor and author known for her performances in Beasts of the Southern Wild in 2012 and Annie in 2014, where she played the leading role of Annie Bennet. She is the youngest ever actor to be nominated for an Academy Award.
    Wallis's name, Quvenzhané is a combination of the first syllables of her parents' names, "Qu", from Qulyndreia and "ven" from Venjie, and "zhané", a variation of the Swahili word jini, meaning "fairy".
    The correct pronunciation of Quvenzhané is Kwuh-VAN-juh-nay. Her name can seem difficult to pronounce because some letters don't correspond to how you would pronounce them phonetically. Specifically, the "Qu" is pronounced with a "Kwuh" sound, the "ven" is pronounced as "van" and the "zha" is pronounced as "juh". It is also important to remember that you must pronounce the stress on the second syllable, -VAN. Quvenzhané's surname, Wallis, is easier to pronounce because it is pronounced as you would read it.
  • Louis Wirth - German-born American Sociologist
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