Today's Birthdays, 6 Agosto

    Michael Vincent "Mike" Budenholzer is a professional basketball coach in the NBA. He currently coaches the Milwaukee Bucks and is the former coach of the Atlanta Hawks.

    French poet and dramatist. He wrote The Annunciation of Marie (L'Annonce faite à Marie)

    Pseudonym of Egyptian fashion designer of Greek descent, Jean Dimitre Virginie

    French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer, born François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon.

    English actress born in Hong Kong. She starred in Amazing Grace and Angel

    American psychologist and pedagogist. She wrote Handbook of Child Psychology and The Measurement of Intelligence by Drawings

    American musician

    American entrepreneur. He is the Uber co-founder, along with Garrett Camp

    French philosopher and theologian. He wrote Concerning the Search after Truth and Treatise on Nature and Grace

    American politician

    American actor, composer and singer. He is considered one of the most important screen legends

    Catalan guitarist and singer-songwriter

    Indian-born American director, writer and producer. He directed The Sixth Sense and The Village

    English poet. He wrote The Lady of Shalott, Idylls of the King and The Charge of the Light Brigade

    Dutch footballer

    Stage name of Vincent John Cusano, American guitarist and songwriter, former member of the band Kiss

    American artist, born Andrew Warhola Jr. He is considered the most significant figure of Pop Art

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