Today's Birthdays, 12 Aprile

    Italian tennis player. He was ranked as the world number 31 by the Association of Tennis Professionals 

    Argentine soccer player

    Catalan soprano, born María de Montserrat Viviana Concepción Caballé i Folch

    American author of Techno-thrillers: a mix of thriller, science fiction, spy, action, and war

    American actress. She starred in Little Women, Romeo + Juliet, Les Misérables 

    French painter

    American actress

    Italian art critic, painter, and philosopher, born Angelo Eugenio Dorfles 

    American politician, member of the Democratic Party

    Cuban-born American actor. He starred in The Untouchables, Black Rain, Ocean's Eleven 

    Australian musician and singer

    German musician and actor

    American composer and pianist

    English musician

    Swedish poet and singer

    American television host and comedian, best known for his Late Show on CBS

    Greek general and politician

    Belgian painter and sculptor

    American actress and producer

    French writer

    Irish actress, born Saoirse Úna Ronan

    Brazilian filmmaker

    Russian politician

    American writer and lawyer. Many films have been based on his books

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