4 November: today's birthdays

  • Traian Băsescu - Romanian politician, 4th President of Romania
  • Sean Diddy Combs - American singer, rapper, musician. actor, and producer. Born Sean John Combs
  • Walter Cronkite - American television journalist, anchorman for the CBS Evening News for almost 20 years 
  • Achraf Hakimi - Professional footballer born in Spain as Achraf Hakimi Mouh to Moroccan parents. He is currently playing for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team. He is considered one of the best players of his generation.
    The correct pronunciation of Achraf Hakimi is ASH- raf ha-KEE-mee. The stress is on the capital letters.
  • Heinz Hartmann - Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist, one of the founders of Ego Psychology
  • Jiang Wu - Chinese actor
  • David Julius - American physiologist born David Jay Julius. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2021 along with Ardem Patapoutian.
  • Robert Mapplethorpe - American photographer famous for his black and white photographies
  • Matthew McConaughey - American actor, born Matthew David McConaughey. He won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2014, for his role as Ron Woodroof in the film Dallas Buyers Club
  • Machiko Ono - Japanese actress
  • Joe Pytka - American film director. He directed also music videos and commercials 
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