Today's Birthdays, 5 Luglio

    Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1999

    American showman and businessman. He founded the Barnum & Bailey Circus

    Paraguayan businessman and politician, born Horacio Manuel Cartes Jara. He is currently the President of Paraguay

    French poet, novelist, dramatist, playwright and filmmaker, born Jean Maurice Eugène Clément Cocteau. He wrote Les Enfants Terribles

    Argentine soccer player

    Hungarian painter

    American actress. She was Carmela Soprano in the TV series The Sopranos and  Diane Whittlesey in the series Oz

    Norwegian racing cyclist

    Croatian football player

     Venezuelan journalist and writer, born in Tripoli (Libya).

    French politician, 19th President of France

    American professional soccer player, born Megan Anna Rapinoe 

    French fashion designer, creative director for Yves Saint-Laurent

    American cartoonist and artist. He is the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes

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