3 December: today's birthdays

  • Joseph Conrad - Polish-born English writer, born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. He is considered one of the most important English authors of modern times.
  • Brendan Fraser - American actor with Canadian parents. He starred in the Mummy film series
  • Anna Freud - Austrian psychoanalyst. She was the daughter of Sigmund Freud and she worked on the importance of the ego 
  • Jean-Luc Godard - French-born Swiss film director. He directed the film Breathless (À bout de souffle) and he was one of the most important exponents of the Nouvelle Vague. He won an Honorary Oscar in 2011
  • Robert Guédiguian - French film director, actor, screenwriter and producer of Armenian descent. He directed Le Voyage en Arménie in 2006
  • Constantin Guys - Dutch-born French illustrator and engraver born Ernest Adolphe Hyacinthe Constantin Guys
  • Daryl Hannah - American actress, born Daryl Christine Hannah. She performed in Blade Runner and starred in Splash. She is an environmental activist
  • Jacques Mézard - French politician
  • Julianne Moore - American actress and children's books author. She starred in Boogie Nights, The End of the Affair, Far from Heaven, and The Hours 
  • Michela Quattrociocche - Italian actress. She starred in the Italian films Scusa ma ti chiamo amore e Scusa ma ti voglio sposare
  • Amanda Seyfried - Amanda Seyfried is an American actress, singer and model. She rose to public prominence with her film debut in the teen comedy Mean Girls in 2014.
    Among her numerous works, she has performed in the musical feature films Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables and has starred in Jennifer's Body, Letters to Juliet and Gone.
    The correct pronunciation of Amanda Seyfried is Ah-man-duh SY-fred. Her last name, Seyfried, is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, which is pronounced with a long "i" (that is to say like the word "eye"). The second syllable, -fried, differently from how you would expect to pronounce it phonetically, is simply pronounced like the name "Fred".
  • Luciano Siqueira de Oliveira - Brazilian soccer player
  • Joop Zoetemelk - Former Dutch racing cyclist
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