Today's Birthdays, 19 Aprile

    Austrian soccer player of Serbian descent

    Colombian painter

    Canadian actor

    English musician

    French opera singer, born Nathalie Dessaix

    Spanish mathematician, dramatist, and politician. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1904.

    German psychologist

    American actor and film director, born James Edward Franco

    Russian surgeon, born Vera Ignatievna Gedroits.

    American actress. She is the daughter of American actress Goldie Hawn

    American actress, born Ashley Tyler Ciminella. She starred in the films Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy, and High Crimes

    Austrian jurist

    French professional tennis player. The correct pronunciation of Corentin Moutet is coh-rahn-TAHN moo-TEH. The stress is on the capital letters. 

    Irish rugby player

    American politician

    Michel Roux was a French chef who obtained multiple Michelin stars. He worked in Britain for a long time and is considered one of the fathers of modern cuisine in Great Britain. He often appeared on television shows, as well. He has trained many chefs in Britain who have gone...

    Russian tennis player

    French composer

The correct pronunciation in Korean

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