Today's Birthdays, 22 Giugno

    American writer. He wrote The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons which were adapted into films

    American actor, film director and screenwriter

    German sociologist from Wrocław

    American actor and film director

    American singer. The song Girls Just Want to Have Fun was her biggest hit

    Stage name of Margareth Maccarrone, Italian actress and model

    Italian politician and patriot. His influence was crucial to the birth of the Italian State

    English psychologist

    French scientist, born Gérard Albert Mourou. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018, along with Donna Strickland and Arthur Ashkin. They are considered the pioneers of the laser

    German author, born Erich Paul Remark. He wrote All Quiet on the Western Front

    Spanish fashion designer. Her creations are characterized by patterns and strong colors

    French actress, fashion model and singer

    American actress. She won two Oscars for Best Actress and one for Best Supporting Actress

    Polish-born English psychologist, born Hersz Mordche 

    German linguist and philosopher 

    Austrian-born American film director and screenwriter, born Samuel Wilder. He won a total of 7 Oscars. In the photograph, he is with American actress Gloria Swanson

The pronunciation in Italian

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