Pseudonyms and Pronunciation

Stage names and pronunciation of the most famous celebrities worldwide

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The unpronounceable football players

Learn how to pronounce some of the more complicated international footballer names

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Unpronounceable Sardinia

If your holiday destination this summer is Sardinia, beautiful Italian island, be prepared to deal with very difficult names to pronounce...

Photo by Catherine Orsini

Cars and pronunciations

Turn off your engine and listen to the correct pronunciation of all the car brands in the world...

Ferrari 458 - Author: Robert Berki

Brazil: Beyond the World Cup

Click and listen to the correct pronunciations of the most beautiful places in Brazil, of the most famous stars and stunning fashion models…

Brazil: Beyond the World Cup

The Top 50 Footballers In the World

2014 World Cup: the world's top 50 footballers. Find out who they are and how to pronounce their names...

The Top 50 Footballers In the World

Real names, stage names

Actors, singers, writers... often give up their unpronounceable names in favor of easier or more appealing ones. Here are the most famous pseudonyms in the world and the terrible names they conceal...

Real names, stage names

Football/Soccer: the Italian Championship pronunciations opens a new page dedicated to Football/Soccer. Starting with the Italian championship, you can listen to the pronunciation of all the names of foreign players wearing Italian jerseys. Here, the players we saw during the latest transfer window.

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