Genius and insanity

The names and the pronunciation of all the greatest minds who suffered a mental disorder

Genius and insanity

Pseudonyms and Pronunciation

Stage names and pronunciation of the most famous celebrities worldwide

Photo by ABC Films

The unpronounceable football players

Learn how to pronounce some of the more complicated international footballer names

Photo by Piotr Drabik

Rock Music Bands

Interesting facts about musical groups, their names and the correct pronunciation

Photo by Flickr user Wok

Happy New Year!

Learn how to say happy new year in 14 languages

Photo by Jon Sullivan

How to pronounce Italian wine names

Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Sangiovese... The correct pronunciation of Italian wines

How to pronounce Italian wine names

Classical music: learn to pronounce all the Italian terms

Vibrato, vivace, pizzicato... If you love classical music, click and listen to the most common and mispronounced Italian musical words and read their meanings

Classical music: learn to pronounce all the Italian terms

Italy: the best art exhibitions in 2014

A rich year of artistic events is ahead, so many exhibitions are scheduled in the main Italian cities. Here are the dates, the artists and the correct pronunciations of their names.

Italy: the best art exhibitions in 2014

Unpronounceable Sardinia

If your holiday destination this summer is Sardinia, beautiful Italian island, be prepared to deal with very difficult names to pronounce...

Photo by Catherine Orsini

Cars and pronunciations

Turn off your engine and listen to the correct pronunciation of all the car brands in the world...

Ferrari 458 - Author: Robert Berki
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