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Can you correctly pronounce celebrity names such as Aishwarya Rai, Keira Knightley or Agnès Jaoui, or Roberto Benigni? Now try with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy or the Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

PronounceItRight, establishes order in the huge phonetic mess of global communications. Common people as well as media professionals often take a guess in pronouncing foreign names or overseas words used in everyday life.

As a result, all these mispronounced names become "official" thanks to "reputable" radio and television announcers. Now, you can hear the correct articulation of any foreign name with a simple click. Why live with a bruschetta awfully pronounced or a misspelled Zbigniew Brzeziński when it’s so easy to stop making a fool of yourself?


We are Italians

We want everybody to be able to repeat these names and words without hesitation or embarrassment. That’s why we prefer to reproduce each single sound ourselves for other non-native speakers, instead of offering perfect but, sometimes, unrepeatable mother tongue sounds. Our pronunciations are irreproachable replicas as produced by non-native speakers. Simply put: if we can, you can.

If our website doesn’t satisfy you, apparently your foreign language knowledge is so good that we are of no help.
Please contact us then! You could help us improve!

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