Pronounceitright in Italy is an Italian website.
In Italy, the same domain for native users is


All the pronunciations, in both websites, are the same. The only difference is that, on Comesipronuncia, short biographies and set of instructions for the correct use of the domain are in Italian. Also news, language lessons, and all the other sections are dedicated to Italian speakers.

Before you start searching for your pronunciations, it is necessary to say few words about transliterations. With Arabic or Russian names (and all those languages ​​that need transcription), we used the Italian transliteration, adding the English one between brackets. This is a way to make it easier when entering a name in our search engine, one for both websites.
The author of The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya, will be Anton Čechov (Anton Chekhov) the first name is the Italian transliteration and the second one, between brackets, is the English transcription. The same applies to Russian poet and writer Marina Ivanovna Cvetaeva (Tsvetaeva). In this case, you will only find the English transliteration of the family name between brackets: the first and the middle name are the same in both languages.

Others sections
You will find our birthdays page, the unpronounceable words section or our pronunciation tests “How do you pronounce?” in both websites. They will offer the same pronunciations, but headings and instructions will change according to the website address (Italian/English)

Speaking about news, the two websites may differ in their content: Pronounceitright users might be more interested in learning how to pronounce Italian music terms like vibrato, vivace, pizzicato... while Comesipronuncia ones might enjoy learning  how to pronounce correctly social media names, which are almost all in English.

Social Media
If you want to follow Comesipronuncia fan page, you will find it on Facebook. If you want to follow Pronounceitright fan pages, you will find them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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