Zuccotto cake

The delicious Zuccotto, a semifreddo (semi-frozen) dessert made with brandy and other liqueurs, it’s a traditional cake from Firenze (Florence)

Ingredients (Ingredienti)

• 2 ¼ cups of heavy cream (500 g)
• 6 tbsp of brandy
• 6 tbsp of cointreau
• 6 tbsp of maraschino
• 90 g of semisweet cioccolato (chocolate) cut in thin flakes
• 90 g of semisweet chocolate melted
• 60 g of mandorle (almonds) toasted and chopped
• 60 g of nocciole (hazelnuts) toasted and chopped
• 90 g of confectioner's zucchero (sugar)
• 450 g of sponge cake
• A pinch of sale (salt)
• A round bottomed mold or bowl of 7 inches

Preparation (Preparazione)

• Cut the sponge cake in slices (not too thin) and each slice diagonally forming 2  triangles.
• Line the tin with aluminium foil.
• Brush one side of the slices with liquore, liqueur.
• Place it in the tin with the point in the centre of the tin, putting the side of the slice  with  the crust by the uncrusted side of the previous one.
• Brush with liqueur.
• Beat the heavy cream with a pinch of salt and confectioner's sugar, add almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate flakes and 1 or 2 tbsp of liqueur.
• Divide this cream into two and add the melted chocolate to one.
• Spread the white cream on the sponge cake slices leaving a cavity in the centre in which you will pour the cream with the melted chocolate.
• Cover with more sponge cake and liqueur.
• Keep in the refrigerator for 1 night.

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