Pears cooked in wine

Pere cotte nel vino 

This particular version of fruits cooked in wine is from Piemonte (Piedmont) in Northern Italy and it is traditionally made with pears.

Ingredients (Ingredienti)

• 2 cannella (cinnamon) sticks broken into pieces
• 4 cloves
• 1 large limone (lemon) sliced
• 6 large pere (pears) peeled and cut on the bottom so they will be able to stand on the plate
• 2 cups of caster zucchero (sugar)
• 2 cups of Barbaresco or other tannic, full bodied dry red wine, e.g. Nebbiolo di Langa or Roero, or port

Preparation (Preparazione)

• Wash and dry the pears.
• Bring the wine to a boil, with the sugar, the cloves, lemon and the cinnamon.
• Add the pears and cook covered for about 45 minutes, at a steady boil, taking the lid off every now and again to check the level of the wine, which should cover the pears. You can always add a little acqua (water) if necessary or more wine.
• When the pears are cooked transfer them to a platter with a slotted spoon.
• Discard the lemons.
• Reduce the syrup by half, strain and set aside.
• Divide pears and syrup among plates and serve.


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