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Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was a French-born American industrial designer. Loewy is often considered the father of industrial design. He worked in a number of industries and on several different products. Loewy's works include logos for Shell, Exxon, BP, bottling for Coca-Cola, packaging for Lucky Strike, car design, railroad designs and locomotives, and the design of the Skylab space station for NASA.
Loewy is often considered an American icon, but had limited visibility in his native France.
The correct pronunciation of Raymond Loewy is Ray-mund LOW-ee. The surname, Loewy, is originally a Jewish surname that is adapted from "Levi", and derives from his father who was Austrian. Technically, in French, Loewy should be pronounced as luh-VEE, with the stress on the second syllable. However, most French speakers pronounce his name as Loh-WEE, with a typical French accent at the end. In English, Loewy is pronounced as LOW-ee, with the first syllable that is stressed, more closely resembling the original pronunciation of his name.
05/11/1983 - 14/07/1986
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